About us

From New York
to Switzerland.

My Dream Cotton is a Swiss company founded in 2013, to produce high quality cotton products in Egypt. Our origin comes from Alexandria in Egypt. Alexandria in 1865 was the heart of the cotton industry with its cotton stock exchange being the biggest in the world. Alexandria at that time was the city of many mixed cultures that melted together, respecting and learning from each other.

Our story started in April 2011 in New York City with just an idea of producing high quality 100% cotton, linen and towels.  Then came My Cotton Dream.

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Our Company - Flower of Egyptian Cotton - My Cotton Dream
Our Company - Egyptian Cotton Field - My Cotton Dream

I wanted to do work related to my country. One day I thought of cotton, our national pride. It was an opportunity to support people in Egypt by offering a unique product from there.


My Cotton Dream products are woven in high quality 100% cotton synonymous with durability, softness, smoothness, absorbability and exceptional quality.
It is from this reflection that was born the name of My Cotton Dream.

Baby Line - Bonne Nuit - Egyptian Cotton - My Cotton Dream
Bed Linen - Category - Egyptian Cotton - My Cotton Dream
Towels - Category - Egyptian Cotton - My Cotton Dream

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