Our Cotton

100% cotton is the new white.

Hot desert climate and fertile soil, especially around the Nile, provides ideal conditions for the cultivation of precious cotton crops.

The forces of Mother Nature come together to produce this rare, valuable commodity.

These characteristics, coupled with Egyptian weaving methods, passed through generations, make amongst the best cotton in the world in terms of quality thanks to the length of its fibers.

The quality of the resultant cotton fiber is assessed according to several criteria:

Why Egyptian Cotton - My Cotton Dream


The most important factor in determining quality is the length of fibers.  They vary from one to four centimeters in length.  The longer cotton fibers are also the finest in terms of quality: the longer the fiber, the silkier it is.  As long the fibers are thin, yet strong, it makes it easy to transform into yarn.


Cotton fibers have absorbent qualities. It is for this reason that cotton is widely used in household linens. (Bath towels, facecloths, dressing gowns as well as bed linen and other products).


Cotton’s insulating properties allows warm air to be trapped near skin it is in contact with, allowing us to keep warm.

Heat resistance

Cotton is naturally resistant to high temperatures.

Cotton’s Magic

Once washed, leave your cotton towel or bed sheets out to dry in the sun. Contact with the sun’s heat and light makes cotton work its magic. The cotton fibers open naturally, making them softer and fluffier to the touch.

The cotton has earned its reputation over the centuries thanks to its fine and incomparable quality, but also for the following properties:

Hypoallergenic (very low allergenicity)
Excellent breathability: it allows the skin to breath efficiently

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